by Tobybear
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MicroTuner adds microtuning capabilities to every VSTi and external synthesizer module, as long as the target synth supports receiving pitchbend on all MIDI channels.

I am not talking about changing a note some cents up or down in pitch, no, you can completely redefine the whole tuning scale, allowing you to set an arbitrary frequency separately for each MIDI note ! And it gets even better, it already has a loader built in (with drag and drop GUI) that can load the widely used Scala, VAZ and Anamark tuning files directly !
rayman Nov 16 2018
Nov 16 2018
Doesn't work on Sonar8.5 win7x64
ryan Jul 04 2015
Jul 04 2015
Doesn't work on cubase 7 elements win7.
VolanD25 Jun 08 2013
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Jun 08 2013
Use in Ableton live. It works but the tuning is wrong. I have .tun file with pure temperation settings. In zebra & alchemy this tuning works good. Not in this plugin. Frequencies are not correct. Instead of the desired values, it gives others. Where set 13 cents, this plugin set 42 & more bugs.
wahid Mar 11 2013
(4 / 5)
Mar 11 2013
the best ONE