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Win32 OSX
midiKeyboard is a resizable piano keyboard to monitor/play midi notes.
  • Fully resizable, with adjustable key width.
  • Adjustable MIDI channel.
  • Can use mouse clicks or qwerty keyboard to play notes (Shift-click to set qwerty octave).
  • Optionally use Y-position of mouse click for velocity.
  • Toggle mode - Notes are toggle switches instead of momentary; applies to mouse clicks, midi input, and qwerty input.
  • Middle click or ctrl-click to end all playing notes.
  • Right-click to toggle a key on/off (when Toggle mode is enabled, right-click is momentary instead).
  • Can hide editing controls and show only the keyboard (Alt-click keys to switch views).
  • Can load default settings from «midiKeyboard.fxb» (or «Whatever_you_rename_the_plugin_file_to.fxb»).
Anonymous Jan 11 2020
Jan 11 2020
Love this. The only thing I would change about it would be the option to change the colour of depressed keys from that sickly yellow : )
Cedric Jul 18 2019
Jul 18 2019
Hey, your website doesn't work, you need to check your DNS service provider! Could you please recompile midiKeyboard in 64 bits?
Spongehorn Apr 30 2019
(5 / 5)
Apr 30 2019
Wanted to quickly test out a VST and not hook my synth to my PC so needed a quick midi keyboard I could test it with. Grabbed this. Does exactly what it should. It's great!
Question Feb 26 2015
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Feb 26 2015
Hi. Is it possible to make a multi touch screen friendly version (with touchdown events as mouse down events).