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midiPads is a very configurable MIDI controller VST plug-in.

It has editable configurations of up to 128 pads (buttons, x/y pads, sliders) with customizable text, colors, and icons. Each pad can send a MIDI note and/or CC message(s).

1 to 64 buttons/sliders/XY-pads that send learnable midi messages, with resizable GUI. Very configurable. Each pad can optionally show an svg/png/jpg/gif image (drag & drop to load images). The default ones are ugly, so make your own.
Anonymous Apr 04 2018
Apr 04 2018
seems to turn ableton midi track into audio track then outputs nothing
Sebastian Alecsander Aug 12 2013
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Aug 12 2013
Midipads works very well with VSTHost. It is very customisable. Used it with laptop touchscreen and external usb control pads. Simple things that work well are a vst joy.
Grabelit Feb 17 2018
Feb 17 2018
I want to ask you this:Is it possible to use knobs or faders of an external midi controller to send the cc messages? I have tried in many ways but I can´t do it. Instead I could trigger notes with de pads of the controller