Advanced MIDI Gate
by Oli Larkin
3.2 / 5     (5 votes)
Advanced MIDI Gate can be used to easily mute an audio/VSTi track via MIDI.

It can be used to create the stuttering effects commonly found in trance and psy-trance.

AMG is different to other midi gates because:
  • The envelope can control a filter instead of a VCA.
  • The envelope is tighter than most other MIDI gates.
  • Noise can be added to the signal to make the sound more aggressive.
  • Either the left or right channel can be delayed slightly to fatten the sound.
  • When you stop your sequencer, the plugin disables itself so that you can edit the gated track without having to switch the plugin off.
  • There is an autopan section that can throw the signal to alternate speakers each time the gate is triggered.
  • The autopan, filter and noise sections all have BPM synced LFOs for more sonic possibilities.
jamie Oct 13 2019
Oct 13 2019
Looks fantastic and what i am looking for... How about a AU :)
Phoonck Jan 18 2013
(5 / 5)
Jan 18 2013
Perfect! Cuts almost everything into a bassline if needed. Great idea that it disables when stoping the seq! My gate to go and beyond!