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TLs-2095 Limiting Amplifier increase gain by limiting the signal with a pumping/saturated character depending on pressure/release settings.

When raising the input knob the volume will slowly drop ca 6-8db in the beginning due to the fact that the limiter stage is using ca 7db soft limiting where this is to prevent overshoots on the output to get a kind of "one knob" action. (using less than ca 70% pressure can produce overshoots anyway). Minimum pressure will require compensation on the output knob since the attack/ratio will let through more of the signal.
  • Input gain upwards.
  • Pressure (a mix of attack/ratio)
  • Release1 , the over all release time
  • Release2 , controls the "overload" portion of release1 where fast envelope moves will be suppressed.
  • Adjustable output with clip indicator, to compensate gain changes caused by the limiter.
  • Soft/Hard mode button, 'Soft' mode will polish the envelope curve to minimize artifacts that would be obvious on vocals ect (using more CPU)
  • Low Punch mode button, control an allpass filter centered around 200hz, allowing the transients to pass before the low end and thus giving a feeling of more "clicky" or "punchy" sound (IF a low end is present that is).
  • Stereo Link mode button to preserve stereo field. 'normal' will merge the left/right input signals and only process the audio on one channel. (using less CPU). 'HQ' will process both left/right channels and then join the outgoing envelope curves. (using more CPU)