by BetaBugsAudio
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SpinBug combines a traditional rotary speaker effect with a set of new possibilities and parameters.

All is packaged into a simple and beautiful interface, it uses phase relationships and a low freq. oscillator in order to reproduce an effect produced by Leslie speakers.
Burt Dec 10 2020
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Dec 10 2020
This is one of the best rotary (Leslie) effects I have used. BUT it is unstable in my VSTHost DAW and I had abandon using it.
Bill Miles Apr 24 2020
Apr 24 2020
Works awesome in Reaper, makes the signal a bit louder but is a very cool effect. If you are trying to get a live sound, just add this in a subtle way and it makes a guitar sparkle, in a live situation there are variations in air thickness which give a subtle Lesly effect. Thank You for this wonderful Free software.
Funky Swunk Sept 02 2019
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Sept 02 2019
Completely freezes FL Studio. No idea how well it would work.