by Xoxos
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Probability-based drum sample sequencer.

Includes 3 programmable probability sequences, and a fourth sequencer which switches between them at another timing resolution, so you can program a 'fill pattern' to be more probable every 8th measure etc.
Psychadelic Fuzzer Feb 03 2021
Feb 03 2021
Struggling to get any sounds. Has anyone any tips?
ALANO Feb 06 2022
Feb 06 2022
You have to load your own samples...on the right inthe plugin you have 3 slots for it. Start / Run your project to hear the arrangement you did with the bars of the plugin. But let me say, the plugin seems a bit buggy with the sync to host and it is totally tedious to move the bars with the mouse. ...i just testet it 15minutes to know it is not what i need.