by Xoxos
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Waterverb uses massive cascades of allpass filters interspersed with short randomised delay times.

An FDN is located in the feedback loop for 'ocean floor' echoes. Depending on the input and feedback levels, the signal may drop silent due to DC offset. Highpass filtering is suggested.
scratch Mar 27 2024
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Mar 27 2024
Hard to control, but you can get cool atmospheres with it
Volum Dec 14 2021
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Dec 14 2021
Ужасный интерфейс, на дворе 21 век, а тут плагин, интерфейс которого, тянет на 1995год. Да, и в то время плагины лучше были...
darko x Jan 06 2019
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Jan 06 2019
The trash I recorded last night? Always sounds good with Waterverb on it. Essential for ambient music; and for guide tracks- lay down some chords and waterboard them. . . an esoteric but must have tool for my kit
Hippokopter Nov 19 2018
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Nov 19 2018
Huh, really strange. It's got a massive DC offset, but once corrected, it just sounds really strange in a kind of horror movie way. I don't know how much this really relates to water, but it certainly sounds alien. Definitely download if you're ready to experiment.
Johnny C Note Aug 02 2017
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Aug 02 2017
Amazing. Uses a lot of CPU but the results are worth whatever hassle it takes fitting it into a project (bouncing down tracks, etc.)
Jan 02 2017
Yes, like others here, GREAT DELAY REVERB that can OUTSPACE ur sounds in another DIMENSIONS , 4th, 5th N UP..... Thx XOXOS for this strange piece of development
Alex Jun 18 2015
Jun 18 2015
Honestly, I never use freeware vst's anymore. When I first started learning how to use vst's and produce cool sounds with them, whether that be in mixes or in jam situations with my laptop, I would browse this site to try and find passable, usable freeware vst's, and with waterverb, I really got lucky. I have rackmount processors, pedals and amps to give me cool sounds now, but even with all this gear, I can never go without waterverb. One of the coolest vst's I've ever used! Fantastic job!
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Mar 19 2015
This plugin is usually worth using even though it will probably crash your DAW. Save often. Resample when you can. It's worth it.
Martin Jun 05 2021
Jun 05 2021
Different DAWs have different compatibilities, and from reading user comments on this website its clear that Reaper and Logic are the DAWs with the most crash/incompatibility issues with Free plugins.
ErickMcNerney Jan 13 2014
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Jan 13 2014
This is a brilliant reverb unit. Perfect for ambient/psychodelic productions. Would never be without it. Sometimes it crashes my DAW, but for what it does, it's worth it. Great for sound designing.