by Xoxos
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Element VST is a loop modulating wav player which loads a single 8, 16 or 24 bit wav.
  • wrap mode looping ("normal looping") with crossfade.
  • bounce mode looping (forward-reverse).
  • 2 crossfade modes.. fixed time (up to 1s) or loop relative (up to entire length of loop).
  • 4 interpolation modes: floor ("none"), linear, cubic and hermite.
  • emulated downsampling.
  • loop position can modulate filter cutoff.
  • a bunch of filter modes (low, band, high, cut, peak in moog, svf or biquad).
  • curveable envelopes and stuff.
  • modulating start/end (loop or otherwise) reverses playback if end is lower than start.
  • 8 voices poly.
Element VST was developed with a series of open source wav player modules created for SynthEdit, so that this item can be considered partially open source (e.g. the LFO modules have not been released at this time).
yeet Sep 01 2023
(5 / 5)
Sep 01 2023
One of the best
LP2 Mar 04 2015
Mar 04 2015
Tried coupler synthetics but so far hope this will open new creativity since most models specially emulated does trigger some ways of cruisin' around in space time of sound, shout out to all developers worldwide, you're doing a great deal of hardwork.
Frankie Dec 15 2013
(4 / 5)
Dec 15 2013
Takes abit to get used to, will spend awhile stuffing around to get the sound you want, but still very good plugin, makes crazy sounds. And in the end, thats what its all about. works well in win7, 64bit FL11, but is capable of chewing cpu when you get the lfo's cranking