by Signaldust
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TSClip is a clipper / saturation effect.

Features include input level boost, followed by a saturation module (previously known as the "warm" mode) with drive (0dB setting matches the old saturation) and a simple bass boost to compensate for the potential loss of low frequencies.

Followed by the saturation is the famous clipper itself, with a peak limit control and an optional makeup switch (which boosts the limit back to 0dB after clipping).

And blinking lights to show you how you're clipping far more than you should. :)
Pete Jun 16 2018
(2 / 5)
Jun 16 2018
It clips nicely but kills a lot of top end. Also needs output level knob.
Key Jan 13 2018
Jan 13 2018
Really good.
Anonymous Aug 06 2017
Aug 06 2017
love this plug!!
Pete Nov 25 2014
Nov 25 2014
Tsclip starts working on the 2nd step of the sequencer, it skips the 1st step of it always I don't know what the problem is.