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This rather unremarkable filter was designed for manual (or automated) filter sweeps.

The cutoff covers the whole audio range (and then some). The resonance goes from none to fairly soft self-oscillation. The filter will morph from lowpass to notch to highpass. An additional bandpass response can be cross-faded with the morph results. The final wet signal can further be cross-faded with the dry input. Additional output level trim is provided for convenience. Using a MIDI controller is highly recommended.

For random knob tweaking, the Q range can be limited to "safe" settings with maximum resonance setting mapping to 75% of the "full" range. With higher drive settings you should expect some (or all) of the resonance replaced with true-stereo distortion.

In practice, it might not be totally useless as sound-design tool and with low to moderate drive settings it can also serve most "utility filter" duties. Experiment.
Does it job but... Jan 06 2016
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Jan 06 2016
It sound OK, but there's a big problem. (At least I have it). It makes my channels buzzing constantly... And yes, it is this plug-in, because when I turn this off, the "murmur" sound stops.
Chihuahua Feb 07 2015
Feb 07 2015
My graphics card doesn't support whatever crazy thing this does visually...