Dust Equalizer
by Signaldust
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Dust Equalizer is a basic channel equalizer, designed with the concept of less is more.

It comes with a pair of filters, pair of shelves and two mid-frequency bell filters. Using a fitting method to approximate analog-like response, each band keeps it's shape gracefully all the way to the highest of audible frequencies.

The filters have a standard Butterworth shape for flat passband without significant ringing. The shelves feature a custom, asymmetric design with a sharper knee towards the mid-frequencies and a more gradual shape towards the high or low frequencies.

The bell filters have classic log-symmetric shape, but feature gain-bandwidth interaction such that actual peak gain is higher for narrow bandwidth and becomes less as the bandwidth is increased. This maintains approximately even perceptible boost or cut as the width of the bells is varied.
K.H. Dec 18 2021
(4 / 5)
Dec 18 2021
Nothing special but get the job done.
Maksim Apr 11 2020
Apr 11 2020
Damn, dudes, what for this application opengl multitexturing ???? !!!!! I can’t start this program because of this !!!
piaskow66 Nov 30 2019
Nov 30 2019
10 dB boost/cut is too low value for it shelves, must be 12 dB. It coud be Very usefull eq.
Moi Aug 03 2018
(4 / 5)
Aug 03 2018
Works as advertised, usability could improved with 1X, 2X and 3X GUI sizes.
Nick May 08 2018
(4 / 5)
May 08 2018
Absolutely superb equalizer in all respects
John Dec 30 2017
(4 / 5)
Dec 30 2017
Kind of a rough but cool sounding eq. Definitely one of the better freeware eqs. Very low cpu usage but still has a warm, analogue sound. Can get fairly surgical with it. It's a bit rough around the edges. Sounds good but definitely not a classy sound.
Ken B Jun 16 2016
(3 / 5)
Jun 16 2016
Oh my God, the low end on this is amazing............ great filters too ! Thank you for sharing.
Will & Tim Apr 29 2016
(4 / 5)
Apr 29 2016
This is a great EQ! Would have prefered a bit more options but you can do alot great with it!