Tonic Juice 2.0
by SonicXTC
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Tonic Juice is a re-creation of a common studio effects chain where a chorus can be used to allow background tones to sit better in a mix.

The flanger can be used to give harmonically rich sounds more presence, and the envelope follower can be used to provide more tonal interest and movement to a sound. The way the signal is internally routed in Tonic Juice permits these effects to work well together or independently.

As with phasing, a chorus and a flanger use two signal paths, one dry and one processed. With a flanger the processed sound is delayed by several milliseconds as well as being modulated. The underlying technology of a flanger is almost identical to that of a chorus, except that a chorus tends to use slightly longer delay times and doesn't feed any of the output signal back into the input like a flanger does. Tonic Juice provides the best of what a chorus and flanger can offer and combines the two in  a manner where the sum is greater than the individual parts. When you add the power of an envelope follower filter unit triggered by the input volume of a signal, then you have the recipe for some serious creativity. Tonic Juice is much more subtle than similar effect chains used by artists like Stevie Wonder (think "Superstition"), but it is way more versatile and can be used to enhance and create interest to almost any signal run through it.

Most studio rats have there own favorite effect chains that they go to time and again. Tonic Juice is one of our favorites and we think that you will consider it a  nice tool to prompt some creativity when inspiration is difficult to find. Besides, when was the last time you used an envelope follower on a drum loop?
  • 128 user presets
  • Midi automation
  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • 24 db filter
  • Envelope follower
brayan Nov 08 2015
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Nov 08 2015