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Jup6 is a Roland Jupiter 6 emulation.
Jon Oct 01 2020
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Oct 01 2020
This is a very "cheap" sounding synth. All of EFM's synths sound cheap and toy-like. Hard to explain, but compare it to Charlatan (free) or TAL-U-No-62 (also free) to see what I mean. Lacks warmth/fatness or something. I would not use this unless it was for a challenge and had nothing better to do.
Jon Oct 30 2021
Oct 30 2021
Also, it has a permanent portamento that cannot be turned off.
快乐爱的小精灵 Jun 12 2020
Jun 12 2020
ZynAddSubFX / Surge can emulate this. I prefer those.
Miguel Jul 05 2019
Jul 05 2019
Is another VST similar to Jupiter 6?
One of the lessser Jupiter emulations Mar 23 2018
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Mar 23 2018
Sorry guys. There are now many roland synth emulations out there. This one's made of ghey and fail. Just is. Thin. Unrealistic. Not nearly as good as some of the other freeware available. Interface isn't as good as other emulations, either.
Octavius Jul 10 2016
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Jul 10 2016
Creating some classic brass sound with this, Thanx!
Natious Mar 24 2016
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Mar 24 2016
Small Fatty Soft-Synth, very awesome.
TJ May 18 2015
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May 18 2015
This synth is better than many others! Works like Oberheim.
demonicsweaters Feb 08 2015
Feb 08 2015
Well, I've never played a real Jupiter, but this is a pretty cool plugin actually. Some nice sounding presets
VSTgod May 28 2014
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May 28 2014
Okay it's not a perfect emulation of a Jupiter 6 but it is still cool and fun to use. I would rather have a free cool plugin than fork over 4 grand!
blippo Mar 20 2013
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Mar 20 2013
yeah, i have a jup6....and this does not sound anywhere close to it... and whatever stvrsz said about the rest is too true...
STVRSZ Jan 08 2013
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Jan 08 2013
Since I used to own a Jupiter 6, I must say that this does look a bit like the original. It does not sound like it. The sliders don't work right. The oscillators are anemic. The cross mod sucks. The controls are not in the right place. My real one could peel the paint off the wall if you kicked up the resonance. I guess I will keep waiting and damning the day I ever sold the thing. Feels like the stupid GTG JP7a. I do like the SCP5 quite a bit, so don't write off all of EFM synths. If you want free, White Lightning sounds more like a real Jupiter, and for pay, u-he Diva nails the minimoog, Juno, JP6, and 8 in one package. Just be prepared to buy a new computer to run the thing because I had to buy an i5 four core 2.8ghz just to barely run the thing.