by Killapluggies
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Detuna is a simple detuner.
  • Detune
  • Dry / wet
Bacon Oct 04 2020
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Oct 04 2020
For FL Users experiencing issues with the knob positions/adjustments not being saved during launch, or even when restarting playback, an easy solution is to use an automation clip on the desired knob. If you're new to Automation and Events in FL, try the following: Modify knob in Detuna vst, go to FL Studio "Tools > Last Tweaked" and you will have options to create automation clips from the tweaked vst knob. If you only need one position on the knob, simply learn the position in FL's value and set the automation clip to that value when/where needed. As a result, your "preference" (knob position) will be "saved" (dynamically set to desired position on-the-fly during playback/export). This is great practice in general, just remember that each automation clip takes the same amount of screen space in playlist etc as any other entity in FL
Kevin Dec 20 2022
Dec 20 2022
Easier way: adjust the knob and then on the toolbar, right-click "Multilink to controllers" (the one with the knob) and then check "Init song with this position"
vinny Sep 13 2020
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Sep 13 2020
Does it work? No. Does it not work? Yes
Spicer Aug 02 2020
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Aug 02 2020
Works but the Detune setting doesn't stay set. It resets to zero if you reload project or stop then restart playback (in FLS).
AD Aug 31 2020
Aug 31 2020
Same issue here. So in fact it's useless. It's a shame because it sounds good actually :((
Bacon Oct 04 2020
Oct 04 2020
Recommending the use of Automation clips
Luca Feb 16 2020
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Feb 16 2020
Does exactly what it says and its super easy to use
Dan Nov 10 2018
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Nov 10 2018
Excellent, awesome, simple and effective. Just open the file and throw it into your daw 32 bit folder. Unique name helps to remember to use this often. Slight slurring and thickening fixes realguitar, ample sound,gitchy samples,thin oscillators or anything weak or tinny. Adds that "just imperfect" sound to many things. THANK YOU.
PMD2589 May 10 2017
May 10 2017
Awesome thanks!
Agyz Nov 17 2016
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Nov 17 2016
Incredibly simple, incredibly good. I use it a lot and it sounds amazing, it's also very flexible.
Jusuf Dec 29 2014
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Dec 29 2014
Pretty good
Xylith Sept 15 2014
Sept 15 2014
Very Very good, I love it! Despite the slightly silly name and appearance as well as simplicity, this is amazing! I make Neurohop, and it has become one of the most important parts of my bass processing!!
Taylor Aug 20 2013
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Aug 20 2013
I've found myself using Detuna all the time in a variety of applications - everything from adding chorus-like modulation to leads to quickly adding stereo width to percussion sounds; it's actually become a pretty important part of my workflow.
Aaron Jun 19 2013
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Jun 19 2013
Works GREAT! Exactly what I was looking for, and was quick to DL and add to my DAW! ***Thank You!!!***. (FYI- I have Win 7 Ultimate 64bit OS, but added it in to the 32 bit vst folder.)