by Variety Of Sound
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ThrillseekerLA is a digital stereo leveling amplifier with real analog qualities.
  • Deep gain riding full of musical character and attitude, virtually no inter-modulation (IM) distortion artifacts
  • Feedback compression design w/o any samplerate based delay in the loop
  • Classic input level driven two knob design with additional manual attack and release time interventions
  • Highly program dependent envelope timing adoption offering attack times ranging from “instantaneously” up to around 100ms and release times from 30ms up to several seconds
  • Mix level switch to adopt the plug-ins internal gain staging to mixing levels at around -18dBFS
  • Custom SC filter option to attenuate the SC bass response while slightly boosting the HF spectrum
  • Additional one pole (6dB per octave) SC low-cut filter adjustable from 20 to 500Hz
  • External sidechain support
  • Switchable Input/GR/Output metering display
  • Variable compression range control from 0 to 100%

ThrillseekerLA not only introduces way smooth gain riding capabilities but first and foremost features a non-linear amplifier stage which is based on a non-linearity with memory yielding creamy signal coloration duties:

  • Custom algorithms based on a true stateful non-linear saturation model
  • Compression and load dependent 2nd order harmonic distortion generation
  • Controllable odd order total harmonic distortion generation
  • Six individual preset distortion profiles offering different tonal qualities like warmth and top-end sheen or simply improved depth perception
  • Authentic audio transformer simulation including typical LF distortions as well as frequency and load dependent analog circuit effects
HF_3000 Aug 04 2023
(5 / 5)
Aug 04 2023
One of the best sounding software comps for me. FOR FREE! Btw literally ZERO ALIASING.
Felix Dec 15 2022
(2 / 5)
Dec 15 2022
Donwloaded the MKII version which sounded really great on some female vocals. However, it really messed with my laptop, CPU and my DAW. After downloading it, my projects (FL Studio 20) freezes after a couple minutes and after that I'm no longer allowed to use my prefered ASIO driver, Focusrite. I cannot open a project without changing the sound device. Projects with TSLA inserts take up to 10 minutes to open. I use Kontakt (5.8.1) as my main sampler but all libraries are on SSD's, all batch resaved. Loads super quick. But if the TSLA is in the project, loading Kontakt patches takes too long. This issue has never happened before and I've done no updates to anything whatsoever. I only downloaded this and thats when the issue started. When I remove the TSLA from the project, it all works perfectly fine. I'll try the original version instead and hope it works better. Only giving 2 stars for what it does to my laptop. I know this is not a fair review as I'm not saying much about the product, but I felt a bit disappointed. Perhaps a bug that needs to be fixed? Using Windows 10 and FL Studio 20.9.2 if that helps. TSLA opens as bridged in FL by default, which is also strange and should not happen.
sandeep kalyan Jul 18 2021
Jul 18 2021
Jamar Jan 04 2020
(5 / 5)
Jan 04 2020
I prefer this over the other LA-2A compressors out. You can add this just for color w/o using any compression. Everybody needs a method of providing this style color as its used on 98% of what you hear on the radio for many decades. Low score is from people who commented positive remarks w/o selecting a star rating.
(5 / 5)
Nov 08 2019
3.2 stars? HOW?!?
Dangenoir May 15 2017
(5 / 5)
May 15 2017
Best LA-2A emulation plus great addition ! Always something more with Bootsy (on the surface and under the hood).UAD should blush.
ksavHOMErec Sept 17 2015
(4 / 5)
Sept 17 2015
works great as a mastering plug, esp with ferric <3
Phoonck Jan 18 2013
(5 / 5)
Jan 18 2013
Sometimes just the right thing... and then even for drums:)
DAVIDS Sept 19 2012
Sept 19 2012
Anonymous Sept 14 2012
Sept 14 2012
All the ways , ThrilseekerLa is VERY GOOD !!!!!!
asd May 25 2012
(4 / 5)
May 25 2012
great on vox. Ended up swapping it in to old mixes. Didn't work well with drums, IMO