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Quad Zamp is a one-shot/drum VSTi sample player, consisting of four multi wav players, 12 wavplayers in total.

Each wav player is assigned to a certain key, from C2 to B2. This can be customized with the note selectors (bottom right hand corner of each wavplayer). When you press a key that is assigned to a wavplayer, a small LED lights up right above that wav, so you can quickly find out which key controls which wavplayer.  More info in the readme included with the download.  Also includes samples from the IYTTIW, the Prepared Rhodes Light and the Prepared Rhodes Light and Clean sample sets with ready to use kits.

Each wav players:
  • Can load and play up to 3 samples simultaneously.
  • 1 amplitude envelope and 1 pitch envelope
  • Each sample has its own tuning, start and end points, loop, reverse, volume and panning controls
  • Each sample has its own velocity sensitivity control
  • Mixing Grid for the samples
  • 3 randomizers for each wavplayer, they are accessed by clicking one of the four screws around the name
To get the 4 audio outs version, you only have to buy one of our sample sets.