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This is an emulation of an Dallas Rangemaster with added controls for tweaking or for use as a full-range booster, an overdrive, and more.

It runs in mono or stereo, and has 2x oversampling (always on).

The Rangemaster was a Germanium transistor treble boost developed in the 1960s. It and similar effects have been used by Eric Claption, Brian May, and many more great guitarists. It's most often used to drive a distorted tube amp into more distortion, while boosting the upper-mids for a screaming lead sound.

Main Menu :
These two are the original Rangebastard controls.
  • Off/On - This either engager or bypasses the effect.
  • Boost Set - This controls the output level.

Tweak Menu :
These are controls I've added to emulate other factors in the sound of a physical pedal, or to completely change the sound to taste. The default settings emulate a normal Rangemaster.

  • Input Level - This is a volume control on the input of the effect. You can adjust this to compensate for different pickups, different input levels, etc. It can also be cranked to overdrive the simulated transistor.
  • Input Filtering - This adjusts the amount of filtering that is used on the input, which gives the 'treble boost' frequency response. Turn it down for a full-range boost, or put it at maximum for the normal Rangemaster sound.
  • Treble - This allows you to roll off some of the high end. This is useful to avoid harsh distortion if you are using the effect as an overdrive. You can also turn this down along with the Input filtering control for a mid or bass boost.
  • Transistor - This lets you pick between two simulated transistors, based on measurments I took of two Germanium transistors. The 2SB175 is higher gain than the AC128, and slightly more midrange-y.
  • Stereo/Mono - This switches the effect between Stereo and Mono operation.
  • Grid Current - Turning this above zero activates an emulation of tube grid limiting clipping. That's the tube distortion caused by the Rangemaster overdriving the input of a tube amp. The higher the control, the more distortion.
  • Pickup - This emulates the interaction between the Rangemaster and guitar pickups. For the most accurate tone, set this to match the kind of pickup that you're using. The 'None' setting turns off the pickup filtering, emulating running a buffer before the effect or using an active pickup.
hugo Jul 23 2023
(5 / 5)
Jul 23 2023
nunya Apr 26 2023
(5 / 5)
Apr 26 2023
I've used Rangebastard for quite a while now..... It's one of those vst's that reminds me why I've never gone Mac. m/..m/
Yoshitsune Sep 29 2022
(5 / 5)
Sep 29 2022
こもったような音になる. 結構気に入ってる
90's Action Hero Feb 28 2021
(5 / 5)
Feb 28 2021
Just typical of Distorque; making something that enhances your guitar tone or replicates a pedal and it working wonders.
Kevin Oct 22 2020
(5 / 5)
Oct 22 2020
Amazing for lower tunings. Better than any boost i´ve tried.
Steve Mar 13 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 13 2020
This is quite stunning. Stunning for the fact that it makes a subtle difference that is HUUUUGE!Tightens and focuses the guitar tone in ways you can only dream. Quality plug in for guitar. Use this before your typical cab in the chain.
Kyle Jan 24 2020
(5 / 5)
Jan 24 2020
Cleans your guitar input right up. Filters out boomy lows and boxy lower mids, especially if you have entry level pickups, and allows the high mids to shine. This is especially great for tightening up metal or lead tones so you get a more focused sound in the mix. This was a real life saver and is even perfect for getting your $20 guitar to sound like a $400 guitar. Just add this plugin before your amp sim and you're good to go.
Anonymous Jan 12 2020
(5 / 5)
Jan 12 2020
Excellent effect, one of the best VSTs I've found.
omid Jun 26 2019
(5 / 5)
Jun 26 2019
I have no idea about all of this, never seen a treble booster in person (wanted to build one though), but I'm playing Edge of Darknesses theme by Eric Clapton through this (and a bunch of other VST's and effects) and it sounds like the original. Never got it to sound like the original before with any amount of tweaking. I'm very happy.
Deez Nuts May 08 2018
May 08 2018
Based on my personal experience with the plugin, half of the plugin is missing. I'm questioning the 5 stars other people are giving. Can someone elaborate?
Paramite Aug 08 2018
Aug 08 2018
You just click on TWEAK to tweak, and get the new knobs.
Peter Jan 31 2018
(5 / 5)
Jan 31 2018
I had a real one and used it for vocals. This one is so close it's not even funny. I never had VST saturation that would do what this can. It def. has Germanium signature. Thanks, you have golden ears!
Ludwig Dec 23 2016
(5 / 5)
Dec 23 2016
This is great, a great quality plugin and the best is completely free, thank you.
Anonymous Apr 23 2015
(5 / 5)
Apr 23 2015
Excellent VST! Do you have a scheme based on 2SB175, I want to collect the scheme itself.
Alan Feb 14 2014
(5 / 5)
Feb 14 2014
Fucking great effect! I use it like a germanium pre and can get some awesome 70's solid state amp sounds (sunn, acoustic control, etc.) out of it. Put a clean boost in front of it and turn off the input filter and this thing will give you some great t-rex dirt!