by AudioSpillage
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MiniSpillage is a drum synthesizer plug-in with a high resolution DSP audio engine and a custom set of synthesis algorithms designed exclusively for original electronic percussion sounds.

MiniSpillage is not a recreation of classic drum machine glories nor a homage to the past but instead aims to break new ground and provide the modern musician with an original electronic percussion instrument.
  • Custom synthesis algorithms.
  • Exclusive percussion models.
  • High resolution 64 bit DSP engine.
  • Precision ADSR envelopes.
  • Fluid real time control.
  • Clean and intuitive GUI.
  • Efficient optimized design.
ben Jul 02 2019
Jul 02 2019
Unable to save presets. Says I need at least 10.4. I got 10,13
Joe Feb 09 2013
Feb 09 2013
This sounds real awesome!
mel sonic May 21 2012
(5 / 5)
May 21 2012
A true wonder of the freeware world... The sheer range of sounds that can be coaxed from the instrument is nothing short of staggering. Computer Music Magazine (Freeware Special)
gsteban Dec 28 2011
(5 / 5)
Dec 28 2011
This is an amazing drum synth plugin especially for free. Great for layered kick drums!