by Muon Software
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Programmed by Muon Software for CM. SR-202 was available on the cover CD of Computer Music from issue 40.

  • Loads up to 16 WAV or AIFF format samples (one for each pad), directly from the front panel.
  • Export a file of its complete state to disk via the VST bank load/save mechanism. Files are exchangeable between PC and Mac versions, and contain all the samples needed.
  • 64 voice channels with dynamic assignment.
  • 4 choke groups.
  • Pads assignable to either the stereo output or one of the four mono outputs.
  • Each pad has three attack/decay envelopes for filter, amplifier and pitch.
  • Low pass/High pass switchable filter.
  • 2 effects pre-filter - Distortion and BitCrusher.
  • Switchable Note off option.
  • Global functions - filter/amp/FX can be set to single pads or Global operation.
  • The parameters per pad are:
    - Level (0 to 100%)
    - Pan (-100% to +100%)
    - Choke Group (off,1-4)
    - Mono/Poly switch (mono/poly)
    - Note Off Mode (cut/ignore)
    - Output (stereo, 1-4)
    - Distortion (off to 100%)
    - BitCrusher (off, 16 bits to 1 bit)
    - Transpose (-24 to +24 semitones)
    - Detune (-100 to +100 cents)
    - Pitch EG mod depth (-100% to +100%)
    - Pitch EG attack time (1 to 500 ms)
    - Pitch EG release time (1 to 2000 ms)
    - Pitch EG velocity mod depth (0 to 100%)
    - Filter cutoff (0 to 100%)
    - Filter resonance (0 to 100%)
    - Filter EG mod depth (-100% to +100%)
    - Filter EG attack time (1 to 500 ms)
    - Filter EG release time (1 to 2000 ms)
    - Filter EG velocity mod depth (0 to 100%)
    - Amp EG attack time (1 to 500 ms)
    - Amp EG release time (1 to 2000 ms)
    - Amp velocity mod depth (0 to 100%).
  • MIDI CC automation - each MIDI channel (1-16) relates to each pad, controllers 75 onwards can be used to tweak each pad via a hardware controller.
  • Comes with at least 15 full drum kits, ranging from standard kits to wild effects, analogue kits, and useful percussive kits.
Samhooey May 30 2021
(4 / 5)
May 30 2021
Check out Kvraudio for Kits for this. Made a few myself.
James Nov 21 2020
(5 / 5)
Nov 21 2020
This is an oldie but goodie. I really wish there was an update for it.
mrmomoto May 12 2020
(4 / 5)
May 12 2020
It Chokes! However - it also requires 16bit mono files and who has the time or will to convert all their excellent samples down?
pep Dec 18 2023
Dec 18 2023
In my case, the audio converter in AIMP took care of the problem in just a couple of minutes :-)
xavi Sept 03 2018
Sept 03 2018
Bueno y facil uso
John Oct 14 2016
Oct 14 2016
Won't play stereo files, other files I put in it say bad file. So it doesn't play anything. Computer music put this out? Ok I know it's free but it should do something at least. Maybe it can't handle Win 7 don't know.
John Nov 05 2016
Nov 05 2016
But it works real good on my XP machine and even has a poly which helps since it can only play one sample.
Anonymous Jun 15 2017
Jun 15 2017
Its a good machine, very tweakable. You just have to remember it only lads mono 16 bit files.
Anonymous Feb 06 2016
(0 / 5)
Feb 06 2016
LiamCat Feb 10 2014
Feb 10 2014
the hydrogen is free also, it comes with a few drum sets, but I don't think the sound is the can't load your own drum sets, BUT from what comes with it, i just make the drum beats...the way they have this set up to make drum really easy, it is with out a doubt the easiest drum machine ever to program. I only use it to make midi drum is not VST, it wont play in you DAW, BUT you can export the midi file to your DAW, you need a computer, not a cellphone or tablet.
LiamCat Feb 10 2014
(2 / 5)
Feb 10 2014
THE BEST DRUM SET...SOFTDRUM BY FRETTEDSYNTH, here on vst4free also, get drum samples from, there are many many sets like ludwig and mapex,pearl. People out there recorded all the individual drum pieces to make their sets. Take your midi drum line or you can download them from net, there millions of free midi drum patters you can download, run the midi drum pattern in your DAW, then assign your softsynth ...the softdrum, in each of the pads, assign a drum sample you got from When you do all this you will totally thank me for the coolest thing you ever learned from here - OR to make your own make sellable beats...get hydrogen drum machine, you can design long running drum machine, or little several measure beats, for looping, then export what you do in hydrogen as a MIDI file...once again open your DAW assign that midi file to a track, choose what drum pieces you want, then render that to a wav file...PRESTO, you just made a drum loop. When the sound of real drums is playing from your DAW, you will thank me for this. This will save you TONS of cash from buying all that Native Instrument crap vsthost shit that you cant run anything else in, or what ever software you see that claims they are the best...You will thank me for this. You cant run most of the plugins here in Native Instruments hosting. If you cant get something to run through your DAW, then get vsthost from here, run the plugin in this jhost, use the wav recorder from it, save the wav file to your folder that you have all your wav files stored, then open your DAW and assign that wav file to a track -your daw will auto BPM, BUT I suggest you, sync the BPM with both your DAW and the takes some doing to do all this, just like anything you have to practice...the pros are not using all that expense stuff, all what I am sharing is barebone essentials the pros use, they don't buy all that stuff you find in stores or magazines online - I am sharing these secrets because i want to hear more creativity in world than all this hiphop or pop where they all sound the same.
Chris Sept 26 2013
(4 / 5)
Sept 26 2013
Works great, you have to remember to load samples or a sound bank before it will make any sounds... :)
Ghekorg7 Dec 16 2012
(3 / 5)
Dec 16 2012
Was a great VSt when first appeared. Got to work with it (it's easy just load its kits) on my Reaper 4 x64 and indeed can give good electro sounds, BUT when start adding tracks on DAW it freezes and sometimes crashed Reaper (!!) So lately I'm resampling it for use with Shortcircuit 1 sampler
torgo Dec 09 2012
Dec 09 2012
I can't get any sound either, and I'm running Win XP 32-bit. The other CM plugins work fine. Not sure what's wrong here.
joy Dec 05 2012
(5 / 5)
Dec 05 2012
cool and simple tool with a nice fx section.
byllgrim May 22 2012
(5 / 5)
May 22 2012
This is really good. Almost exactly what I was looking for
AB Feb 18 2012
(5 / 5)
Feb 18 2012
Got everything i need!
NON Feb 16 2012
(1 / 5)
Feb 16 2012
It looks promising, but I can't get no sound from SR202! Could be because I'm running 64-bit and this is a 32-bit pugin