X-Wheel of Fortune 6
by HG Fortune
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X-Wheel of Fortune 6 is a versatile multi-part music system with inbuilt cell step control sequencer for creating tracks of various types of music like Ambient or even soundtracks.

Just set up certain basics and let the machine create variations for you as there are several inbuilt algorithms just for this purpose giving this machine it's magic touch.

X-WoF 6 features a great variety of 262 inbuilt scales (Pentatonic, Hexatonic and Heptatonic) using harmonical scale steps for fairly easy composition or arrangement of tracks and even learn more about harmony in music. Additionally you might assign a dedicated - even experimental - User scale for each patch.

There are 10 inbuilt sound engines: two synthesizers for Pad parts, one for Bass, one for HiSq (high sequences), one for Athmo-loops (e.g. rain, waterflow, sonar, etc.) and OneShot sounds plus 5 percussion instruments. For overall interactive realtime control there are two XY SuperModulation pads plus one XY Master Control pad with the option to control the other two. Thus you have up to 28 different modulation destinations under the control of just one knob even with different polarities i.e. directions.

This is a complete new X-WoF with the major aim from the start to have everything built around the new cell step control sequencer which was intended to give best possible overview and versatility. It is called cell step control sequencer because in fact every step is a cell of variable play length in bars (from 1 to 8) plus options to set up different sub-tempo settings for Bass, HiSq, HiHat and Perc 3-5 part and assigning an Athmo or One Shot wave for every 2nd step with adjustable level and tuning.

You can determine harmonical scale steps to be used for each step independently to be played by the Pad parts and used as starting note for Bass and HiSq patterns. These scale steps are derived from the currently selected scale. For every 8 steps there is the option to set up a different base note to transpose the next 7 steps accordingly. Also you can determine step ranges to be played e.g. from step 5 to 12 or so.

Major differences between registered Pro (i.e. enhanced) and the free version:

  • Presets/patches: Pro = 64 / Free = 4 fully useable and 28 with additional voice overs at varying intervals during playback and forced switching of edit panels - anyway switching back to any other panel is possible;
  • Athmo/One shot Part: Pro 100 waves / Free = only 60 waves;
  • MIDI Out: Pro for all internally generated note events / in Free = not present;
  • MIDI In: Free only for MID CC while Pro offers MIDI In for playing notes and triggering of instruments thus might use the Pro version even as 4 part multi-timbral sound module with two 8-voice pad synths and two monophonic synths.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Sep 02 2022
Sep 02 2022
I have the Pro version and did a few songs with it, but they are mighty boring. The drum sequencer isn't for the kids who want to build up more and more; if you were dissatisfied with LMMS then you would shriek at this plug-in. The one-shot oscillator part is too random to take it seriously, too much time and effort needed to adjust the low-pass filter and "spook" just right for it. I have never understood the three dumb-looking joysticks, it's like the author expected the pad oscillators to sustain full time to be able to produce a change not easily noticed by the music listener. The second version of HGFXWOF is slightly better for beats, albeit with a sequencer much more confusing but only if the dumb-ass changing pitch of drums could be disabled.
Nav May 02 2020
(5 / 5)
May 02 2020
Thank you for the amazing collection of free synths. You guys rock!!
LK Jul 05 2017
(4 / 5)
Jul 05 2017
Complex but can help in understanding the development of a musical piece. I did make a few patches for this and for a number of other HG Fortune synths. Alionoctis, Arracis,ASW ect.
flfiorin Jun 01 2017
(1 / 5)
Jun 01 2017
Very complicated!!
DJ Locin Mar 21 2017
Mar 21 2017
How to understand a person such as HG Fortune? He left a formidable collection of vst plugins, all free. These are the best plugins I know. HG Fortune was certainly a great person!
Vivenzeo Sep 08 2020
Sep 08 2020
If he's still alive today, I'm sure he'll make 64 bit version of these, and I'll buy them all gladly name whatever his price would be.
tyler Mar 12 2021
Mar 12 2021
Vivenzeo that is very touching
PULCO Feb 28 2017
Feb 28 2017
Incroyable ça marche tout seul : j'apprends que Monsieur.H.G. FORTUNE n'est plus. Alors qu'il REPOSE EN PAIX. Beaucoup de merci pour lui.
Mickey House Apr 02 2016
Apr 02 2016
This program is brilliant. It makes ambient or soundtrack music from algorithms fitted into musical scales. You can load your own soundfonts to replace the onboard synth sounds also. Not dissimilar in tone to Xoxos excellent Blewm program, this one is a VST that allows you to decide where in the tune the instruments play, and the program does the rest. 7 separate tracks. Brilliant!
OBYONETAOPY Sept 22 2015
(5 / 5)
Sept 22 2015
HGFortune (deceased now) left us with a great heritage, he made all of his VSTI all FREE for us.