The Dreammachine
by HG Fortune
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The concept of The Dreammachine is based on three synth layers with slow wave sequencing and sound modulations.

Version 3 of The Dreammachine has gone polyphonic now and can be used as a synth too, so there are three basic ways to play the machine:
  1. Using the inbuilt Note sequencer and, if you like, play along.
  2. Hold a note and if you like play along or edit.
  3. Play the machine as 16-voice synthesizer with max. 6 oscs on one key.

In addition you can manually advance each part using MIDI keys/notes #24, #26, #28 and #29 plus #35 to advance synth parts simultaneously. As the Note sequencer is hard-linked to the Bottom/Low Part this one will be advanced too.

There are three parts: Bottom/Low (or Bass), Back/Mid (or Pad) and Sparkle/High for three basic layers of sound plus a OneShot part to throw in some additional highlights such as vocal phrases, percussive sounds or Sfx. Each part has got a 16-step sequencer for waveforms to be played in succession with the One Shot part having 32 steps. The Note sequencer has an option to play duophonic by adding a 2nd note (selectable in 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 semitones up). Also, Back/Mid and Sparkle Parts can be set in semitones from -12 to +12. This provides a very flexible means to set up sophisticated complex sound layers.

For convenience, the wave names are not only displayed at each seq step but also selectable from popup menus showing the names.

TommyFL Dec 23 2023
(5 / 5)
Dec 23 2023
All I can say is WOW, this is awesome!
VP Apr 06 2022
Apr 06 2022
Anyone know where to get the full version instead of the demo?
Dr.Fangaz Jun 29 2018
(5 / 5)
Jun 29 2018
Dope sounds
Mark (FlyingScooter) Dec 20 2016
Dec 20 2016
Nothing short of fabulous! Infinite possibilities. A synth-tweakers dream machine!!!!!!
Anonymous Dec 04 2012
(3 / 5)
Dec 04 2012
Good sound, but... very dificult for use
rohan Jan 12 2018
Jan 12 2018
you need to read the included manual. TDM will make sense if you see it more as 4 part sequence sound playback sequencer.