Alien Space Weaver
by HG Fortune
4.0 / 5     (22 votes)
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Alien Space Weaver is a synth especially made for spacey, deep or dark atmospheric backgrounds, soundscapes and FX sounds.

It features 2 PCM wave oscillators. Oscillator 2 uses waveforms created from images - it contains 75 special samples (fairly long ones created from images, providing very spacey sounds). Play it slowly and let the sounds evolve.
  • 2 PCM wave oscillators with separate external SF2 file (& option to load .wav).
  • 1 24 dB resonant LP filter with Modulation.
  • 1 12 dB resonant LP/HP filter with Modulation.
  • 2 Filter bypass + modulation.
  • 2 Bass Enhance.
  • 2 SpookB Fx (different from the ones used before).
  • 2 Delays with manual tempo offset; Pan and modulation.
  • 2 Pan for undelayed signal.
  • 6 LFO + 1 S&H as mod sources incl. manual tempo offset from x1 to x4.
  • 1 Reverb.
  • 1 "Nuthin ?" special modulation to Filter.
  • 5 Lazy Buttons (use 'All' for limitless patch switching).
  • 380+ Patches (more in preparation as well as further wavesets).
Rippley Dec 09 2021
(4 / 5)
Dec 09 2021
It does what it advertises, produces spacey / alien like sounds. A bit repetitive, it feels like while there is a lot of capability here, it seems to produce very similar sounds.
lucknow13 Aug 28 2018
Aug 28 2018
Nice. I made a few banks for this. Can be found on Kvraudio. LK
Netro Mar 29 2017
Mar 29 2017
I'm very happy with this vst. the sounds are very spacey and ominous. The developer did a stellar job making this plugin
pauleamca Jan 16 2016
(5 / 5)
Jan 16 2016
EpicKWJ use ASW in VSThost. HGF can't change it, he passed away in 2014.
EpicKWJ Oct 17 2015
(1 / 5)
Oct 17 2015
I adored this VST but it kept crashing my VSTBridge in Cubase.
MAK May 05 2022
May 05 2022
Cubase is worse! That is over.
tsepo Apr 14 2014
Apr 14 2014
Nice pads
wooden_beat Sept 29 2013
Sept 29 2013
A little hard to control but excellent presets and sound design!!
halphprice Aug 19 2012
(5 / 5)
Aug 19 2012
HG Fortune is the best, hands down for vst's. free or not, the random functions and the use of sound fonts is just genius. why have a sound pack that's 5 cd's when soundfonts have existed for so long and work so well in conjunction with each other. this and atnoise do both ends of the scale well though. Alien Space Weaver does this great alien sounding soundscapes and atnoise does the creepiest soundscapes. Both of these scare me to use sometimes because of where they go, you don't expect at all. HG Fortune has the only plugins that both excite me to use and scare me because it's so startling and surprising what will appear....
Ezra Fike Feb 08 2012
(5 / 5)
Feb 08 2012
I can't rave about this vst enough! Possibly the best free synth I have seen on this site. The sounds in here are awesome, if not a bit creepy. I am continually amazed at the superb quality of the patches. This rivals even some Native Instruments products! Seriously! I am using this synth in an ambient album that I am working on, which may be completed soon. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work!
Taliesin Dec 04 2011
(5 / 5)
Dec 04 2011
Great VST! Used it in my Darkwave Project.