by HG Fortune
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ScapesWizard is a soundscapes machine with very different control concept by triggering different samples via keyboard, or, using LazyPlay play a pool of waves in sequence or at random driven by inbuilt clock or triggered by advance manually.

There are three different soundengines: Slow Motion Scapes (Osc 1&2), OneShots and Loops (Osc 3), and Space Rumble Background Noise. Each engine has got some dedicated soundmodifiers partly with special controls. But the most important feature is you can trigger i.e. switch samples with a dedicated tune setting via keyboard (with velocity) which is ideal for live interaction too!

Basically you have a keyboard split to trigger a sample of Osc 1 & Osc 2 (alternating or Osc 1 only) from C2 to B3 (left side) and Osc 3 from C4 to B5 (right side). So simply give a key a short push and the resp. sample will play until it's changed by pushing another key. For Osc 3 looped sampled can be faded out by giving key C6 a short push, and even you can retrigger it via key F6.

You got 2 x 24 samples (= 2 x 2 octaves) in direct access via keyboard. To each keyrange (from C2 to B3 and C4 to B5) a different waveset out of 5 can be assigned. This makes the plugin suited very well for usage with trigger pad controllers. Also for live interaction pitchwheel can be used for Osc1 & Osc2 with a range of +1/-1 octave and for Osc 3 the same for Modwheel.

The basic usage is intended to have a setting in motion and then play different samples and maybe with occasional tweaking of some knobs. Although there seem to be very few control elements most of these have a double function: left side is setting a dedicated value while right side adjusts modulation amount. Note those knobs with a marker at top/mid.

There are four LFOs adjustable in Rate plus a Variation knob changing the waveforms for all 4 LFO. You will notice there are no LFO selectors at all present. This is due to the fact that no LFO is used directly. Always there is used a mix of 2 LFO controlled i.e. mixed by a 3rd LFO to achieve more complex modulation waves giving more variation. Anyway the small planets in the mid display show motion & amount of the resp. modulation.
jimkey May 28 2022
(4 / 5)
May 28 2022
Coolio for surreal sfx !!!
moltisanti Oct 06 2020
Oct 06 2020
Pump Aug 16 2015
(2 / 5)
Aug 16 2015
Nice sound, has the same variation of the same sound whatever you do though, and the annoying thing is that it won't shut up. Very specialised use, and you'll have to automate the volume control if you want to use it without it being permanently overbearing.
JNoize Oct 09 2012
(5 / 5)
Oct 09 2012
HG Fortune is King!! Thanx for all these GREAT free Vsts
Joe Apr 28 2012
(5 / 5)
Apr 28 2012
Amazing sounds of high quality. Easy to use.
Anonymous Mar 23 2012
Mar 23 2012
the scapeswizard is awesome... it run the through my vsthost and came up with some pretty mean noise... he he he yuu all are gonna love it... works perfect in Sony Pro 7 and Vegas 11 for videos-you cakewalk and ableton users think sony is basic-i can run all these with no problems... and the wav files... when you can make your own wav. files not the ableton, cubase, cakewalk sonar, reactor, I got all of the DAW-my fave is Sony-paint on- erase off-the paintbrush tool is the most bad ass way to compose- I was making industrial before most of you were even out of diapers.. 35 years of experience here on real moog and emu have a few here... yet i make HE HE pay as you go and earn as you learn, PEACE