by Simple Media
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Voc-Two allows you to create realisitc string ensemble and choir sounds without the use of samples.

It includes a wide range of controls over the source sound generation and the morphable formant filter making it a surprisingly flexible instrument for creating rich and atmospheric pads and realistic ensemble sounds.
Bart Feb 16 2020
Feb 16 2020
After installing,playing and recording it in Reaper,when recording is done, there is nothing to be heard or seen when i play it back. Does anyone know why that is?
Anonymous Dec 15 2018
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Dec 15 2018
Stereo issue does not much matter but why is it rendering randomly? I mean the notes that I wrote sometimes played, sometimes skipped. Also often they were off from the beat So shame for this synth has much potential
G Jan 03 2018
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Jan 03 2018
Just got this, sounds great but for some reason it mainly comes out of the left ear without any sort of pan button? Could be fixed but yeah, sounds amazing!
evt Sept 19 2015
Sept 19 2015
The sound is great, best vst instrument I found ever, but with music maker 2015 the sound is completely lost after exporting the file to mp3 or wav :(
Solcito M�sica May 14 2012
(4 / 5)
May 14 2012
very realistic strings! Just need improve a bit the envelope.
Anonymous Mar 13 2012
(5 / 5)
Mar 13 2012
great sound, almost like real piano!