Deep Crunch
by Heptode
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Win32 OSX
The DEEP CRUNCH pedal from HEPTODE, inspired by the famous Soldano SLO-100* Crunch channel, has this typical crunch sound that was found in the 80’s tube preamps.

The Heptode VST plugins are configured with a single mono input and a single mono output. If you plug directly your guitar into your audio card input, check that its impedance is compatible with your intrument (typically guitar with passive microphones will require at least a 500kOhm impedance).

You can use your computer speakers to listen to the Heptode VST Plugins. In this case, you should turn on the CabSim switch to simulate a guitar cabinet. You can also plug the audio card output in a guitar amp, either in the normal guitar input, or n the effect return input, as you would do with the real pedals.

HEPTODE plugins do not generate any noise, but they naturally amplify the guitar and the audio card noise. Audio card inputs with 100db Signal to Noise ratio or more will give excellent results.

It is still difficult to simulate the whole behavior of analog components (analog pedals are still alive!). The virtual pedals are therefore not perfect, and do not intend to replace the real pedals. Quality also depends on external components such as the audio card or the computer itself.
haha Jun 23 2022
Jun 23 2022
Is nobody gonna talk about the 1K id?
Arman Oct 03 2020
Oct 03 2020
This is awesome, I had a similar crunch channel on my old marshall amp, I'm happy that I finally found that tone.
Guster May 13 2018
(5 / 5)
May 13 2018
Wow! I finally found something that simulates the sound I used to achieve through my valve amp. Perfect if you're into old-school blues rock like AC/DC, ZZ Top, early-period whitesnake etc. It's nice and crisp, not at all fuzzy - and the beauty is you can plug your guitar directly into your audio interface and it sounds as good as a mic'd up cab. Perfect for both rhythm and lead guitar alike. Why the hell is this free?
VST Monster Jan 03 2015
Jan 03 2015
...This is my present no 1 choice - add some warmth in the low mids and you'll sound like Angus and other 80s gtr heroes!